On Changing of the Guard : Politics in South Africa

When I was in England, several years ago, I was told to go and check out this cool ritual that the guards at Buckingham palace perform with great finesse and I guess precision….you gotta have really good balance and all that, to get it right.  Its called the changing of the guard and its meant to be all about protecting the sovereign, and of course rotating the guards, who despite their outstanding training, standing for hours in front of the palace, obviously have to go home and do the normal things that other regular folk do.  I have to say though, it was worth the time and effort spent getting there, and ogling these fellas marching up and down. Quite the spectacle.

I was reminded of the idea of the changing of the guard, this week, given the dramas that have taken place in South African politics. It wasn’t quite the well orchestrated scenario, that the Brits get to see daily (thats an understatement) nor did it have any of the well rehearsed confidence that comes with knowing exactly where to stand, when to turn and when to march. But it sure was colourful and damn jaw dropping stuff. 

Now that us folks in South Africa have had about a day to recover from the goings on of this last week, I’m sure most of us are wondering, where to from here. My take would be to just sit back, perhaps playing something of the tourist, (after all its sort of like an adventure in unchartered territory), and just be grateful, that there was actually a new guard competent enough to come in.  It could have got very ugly, but it didn’t.

Pity that Zakumi, the friendly green haired leopard, our 2010 world cup mascot, got lost somewhat in all the excitement., and didn’t get all the attention he deserved. Oh well, maybe he can help the new folks in government, with getting their moves right. Hopefully it won’t be more of look left, march right : )


One Response to On Changing of the Guard : Politics in South Africa

  1. Fatima says:

    and interesting too that the old guard that just left is about to set up it’s own palace elsewhere … the new guard may have a fancy palace/parliament, but the old guard seems like it won’t be away for too long …

    if this happens, me thinks we’ll be headed into the most exciting political scene south africa has ever witnessed … i mean there’ll actually be a real choice to make when you get to the voting booth …

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