On debates and deliberation

The first debate of the 2008 US presidential elections took place on 26 September. It’s always fascinated me how the guys standing for office of the president of the US will stand in front of a podium and then have a go at each other, trying to score political points, on who said what before, and why the other guy is wrong. Such is the nature of the cut and thrust of US politics.

But this time round, these debates are somehow far more important and significant than they have ever been before. The reason for this is that US policy in the rest of the world has over the last 8 years, been so utterly destructive (more so than it usually is), that the next occupant of the white house has to deal with, apart from a declining state of affairs on the home front, a range of issues on the international stage, which if handled as badly as they have been by the Bush administration, will simply be signalling the nail in the coffin of the United States’ status in the rest of the world.

So who won the debate ? Well I’d like to think that Obama was a bit more eloquent, although he still has some serious reflection to do on how to deal with issues in the middle east.  As for McCain, well he keeps on reminding us of his time as a POW, as if thats gonna solve all the current dillemmas that have to be dealt with.

Perhaps what is needed here, is less debate and more deliberation.


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