Guzzie…Hold Me back ekse

So I had the urge to say this a few times when in polite company, like at university gatherings and the like, when what you really want to do is to hit someone who is annoying the hell out of you. But of course it’s not the appropriate way to behave, and geez have i had to learn what is appropriate and what is not, over the last few years.

But I wish I could say it to be honest, whenever the need arose, or other choice phrases like jou ma se…and voetsek…all part of our colourful South African vocabulary. And what a vibrant vocabulary it is. Especially when one needs to express a variety of emotions, like hurt / pain (eina), shock / surprise (jislaaik), disbelief (don’t choon), despair (eks gatvol), comradeliness (howzit my bru), expectation (en nou?) and national pride/ patriotism (moer hulle).

Its nice to know that despite our very deep differences as a country, we do actually have something that binds us (apart from pap and braavleis that is), a unique liguistic code, which we can deploy whenever necessary and it will be understood (most times), by our fellow nationals wherever we may be. So heres to our collective lingo…  ya ekse, local is lekker…


2 Responses to Guzzie…Hold Me back ekse

  1. Fatima says:

    jislaaik, lubna … i hed no ideea that you was so multilinguistically telented – jy’s mos a regtig skollie …well amper a skollie … becasue u like didn’t really like swear you know … must be the reserv(oir hills) kicking in. i just found your blog and i’m enjoying it … well done, girlie 😉

  2. charouchick says:

    Hey fatima, glad you liked it…..yeah i guess i am “multi-lingual” in a manner of speaking…i promise you, being at this institution makes you want to use less than polite terminology on a regular basis : )

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