Yeh Dard – e – Dil

Yeh Dard – e – dil


Aap hain woh manzil

joh mere dil ko

awaaz deti hain


Aap hain woh nazm

joh mere ruh mein

ek madhoor dhun ke tara sajti hain


Aap ne woh khoobsoorat

dard di hain

jo har aashiq

mehsoos karne ke liye

betaab hota hain


Aap ke pyaar ne

mere dil ki dharkan ko

shayeri ka anjaam di hain


Ab ye dard e dil ka elaaj

Sirf aaphi ke paas hai



This heartache


You are that journey’s end

That calls out

To my heart


You are that poem

Which adorns my soul

Like a melodious tune


You have given me

That exquisite pain

Which makes every lover

Restless with expectation


Your love has

given my heartbeat

poetic expression


In the end, you are the only one

who possesses the cure for this heartache


Copyright : Lubna Nadvi





2 Responses to Yeh Dard – e – Dil

  1. shafinaaz says:

    hmm, this reads so beautifully 🙂

    your talent is soulful and really must be shared with the multitude of thirsty ones out in the world!!!

  2. charouchick says:

    hey shafs, thanks for this….well hopefully when the anthology is out (at some point in the future), the thirsty ones can drink to their hearts the meanwhile, folks can take little sips : )

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