You Will Never Know

You will never know
of the moment I dared to dream
the thought of you floated
through the labyrinths of my tortured soul
and the mirrors of my mind shattered
and images performed their ghostly dance
between the splintered shards

You will never know of all this and more
because you are content in your world
you will never know what lies beyond
not because this love is impossible
but because you chose another path

You will never walk beside me
not because we are generations apart
but because you belong somewhere else
Our encounter is momentary, surreal even
the myriad of emotions I might have explored
have been relegated to my Pandora’s box
a thought crosses my mind
it could have been, but then there is
oh so much you will never know

Copyright ©2008 LubnaNadvi


2 Responses to You Will Never Know

  1. Fatima. says:

    Man. His bloody loss.

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