Your words

Your words are like
freshly falling snowflakes
gently swaying towards me
resting delicately on my cheeks
playing with my eyelashes
and caressing my soul

Your thoughts remind me
of massive sand dunes
towering above me
ochre and magnificent
swirling about in gusty winds
taking my breath away

Your smile feels like
a warm summers day
yellow and glinting brightly
chasing away dark clouds
and lulling me into peaceful slumber

You are like
all of natures wonders
wrapped up in comforting arms
broad shoulders and a beautiful voice
compelling me to fall in love.

Copyright : Lubna Nadvi


2 Responses to Your words

  1. shafinaaz says:


    i shudnt read ur poems unless i want to swoon with melancholy

  2. charouchick says:

    swoon away hun : )

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