On Powell and Obama

Well….it had to  happen….eventually. Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State, a man who once had presidential ambitions has given his blessing and endorsement to Barack Obama, as his preferred candidate for US president. Now, lets not dwell on the obvious, ie, that it is inevitable for one black man to support another black man, etc. I’ve always maintained that Powell, despite his stupidity in having made the case for going to war at the UN, some years ago, is a pretty smart guy. You gotta be, to survive in the cutthroat space of US politics. His downfall however came, when he backed the wrong horse, viz, one GW Bush, and stood by him, for all that time. I guess, some realization eventually dawned, when he realized the error of his ways.  

The intriguing question is, why is it that Powell, after sort of being out of the picture for all this time, decides to make a public declaration of support for Obama. And he is supposed to be a Republican for heaven’s sake. I can just imagine McCain having an ulcer just thinking about this latest development. We can assume that Palin, doesn’t have much of an opinion about it. She probably reckons…aw shucks, John, dontcha worry yourself silly about none of that. We got Gawd and all dem good Christian folk on our side.

But it is something to ponder over. Is Powell looking to re-enter mainstream politics, or is it that he is trying to make peace with his conscience, supporting a man who will try and bring back US troops, from a place they should never have gone to in the first place? I think that clearly he has had to live with himself and his mistakes for all this time, and perhaps it helps him deal with it to offer support for a man (and lets leave out the black man tag on this) who might help in redeeming his tarnished legacy.

Whatever the reason, it is no doubt a coup for Obama, and for the broader anti-war campaign. Getting the Kennedy’s support was already a major boost, other prominent democrats was a bonus, and now Powell. The signs look good for Obama. Lets just hope there is no terrorist bomb that goes off in the week before the elections, which makes the US electorate jittery. The  consequences of this, are just too horrendous to contemplate.


One Response to On Powell and Obama

  1. thesoulofthecreator says:

    Palin doesn’t have this “good” christian folk, this vote is going to Obama!!!!

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