Reading Minds

Have you ever wondered about what someone else is thinking, especially if that person is dear to you and you care about him / her? Have you ever really wanted to know what it is that they’re feeling, wishing or hoping for ?  

There are times when I really wish I could peek into the mind of someone to know what is going on in the deepest recesses of their brain. Not because I want to intrude, or impose on someone’s right to privacy, but because knowing what they are thinking will mean that truths that need to be out in the open, will reveal themselves, and change the dynamics of a relationship. Truths that stand between two people who find themselves at a crossroads in their life, and don’t know which way to go. Sometimes a person can really be afraid to deal with the reality of their emotions, and often cannot own up to what is really going on in their mind and heart.

This may be because such a reality will upset their world as they know it. Often life throws us into a situation that is meant to test one. Most times, we tend to retreat, because of fear, uncertainty and usually an inability to understand that acknowledging how one feels, is an important step in deciding what one needs to do next.

Yep, I wish I could read minds.


3 Responses to Reading Minds

  1. shafinaaz says:

    hope u ok, lady..

    the energy of this post is so sad… i feel it.
    but for what its worth, over time, the enthusiasm of ones emotions gets silenced by the fear of them being trampled on by someone who might not feel the same? ok this is one of my own interpretations, but then i also realise that honestly using every opportunity to present feelins and intimacy (regardless of the so-called reward) is something to be celebrated.

    easier said that done?
    ok, so we realise u cant read minds.. least of all understand the drama in our own.. but the easy rule of thumb (not that rules work in matters of the heart).. but what seems to work somewhat is the realisation that we’re all the same at the end of the day… young, old, men and women. we all need to love and be loved. its the basis of existence. love for family, friends, parents, siblings, children, spouse/lover and most of all, love for Divine Manifestation in whatever way you might construe that.

    its all about love. not romantic love per se. compassion, grace, kindness, generosity, selflessness, creativity…

    there are challenges, true…
    like when one feels defamed by the person you love. and the mind convinces you that theres no way to break down this barrier, that ur being punished, or worse still that he/she hates u… aah, ego holds u in a grip of fear so easily, so convincingly, sayin.. never mind, ur not good for each other anyway… or maybe people say that.. people with vested interests…

    its a selfish world..

  2. charouchick says:

    @ shafs…yeah…i hear you sistah….perhaps its a good thing we can’t read minds…we may be traumatised to know what the other person really thinks…. i guess its all about perspective, and going through the motions of feeling things…. which ever way they may turn out. Its all good… either way !

  3. shafinaaz says:

    it is all good 🙂 and everything works out exactly as its meant to in the end… thanks for being you! at least i know wat i want to be wen im all grown up 😛

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