Rising above it all…

Its a wonderful feeling when one realises that something that had been an unresolved issue in ones life for such a long time has now finally reached closure, and one can emerge out of it, able to breath freely again. Life is, as I have come to realise, a complex ebb and flow of events. Sometimes the tide is out, like that of an oceans expanse, as it flirts tentatively with sandy beaches, its waves lapping delicately at the shore, and you can play at the water’s edge to your hearts content, living life to its fullest. When the tide comes in, you have to move towards safety, to make sure you don’t get swallowed by its ominous depths. Sometimes however one may not get out of the way in time, and it consumes you.

But when we emerge from the rising tide, coughing and spluttering, we have actually learned to swim,  even if by default. The desire to not drown is a very strong instinct in all of us, and for most of us, this instinct kicks in, as we struggle to draw a breath, fighting against the elements.

The clarity of rising above it all. There is nothing like it.


5 Responses to Rising above it all…

  1. shafinaaz says:

    “But when we emerge from the rising tide, coughing and spluttering, we have actually learned to swim, even if by default.”

    i LOVE this. it says is all…

  2. shafinaaz says:


    rather, it says IT all… 😛

  3. shafinaaz says:

    The Swimming Lesson

    Feeling the icy kick, the endless waves
    Reaching around my life, I moved my arms
    And coughed, and in the end saw land.

    Somebody, I suppose,
    Remembering the medieval maxim,
    Had tossed me in,
    Had wanted me to learn to swim,

    Not knowing that none of us, who ever came back
    From that long lonely fall and frenzied rising,
    Ever learned anything at all
    About swimming, but only
    How to put off, one by one,
    Dreams and pity, love and grace, –
    How to survive in any place.

    — Mary Oliver —

  4. charouchick says:

    hey shafs….fab poem, and yeah i too learnt to swim, by being “tossed in”… : )

  5. shafinaaz says:

    i still can’t swim 😛

    but, at least im sober! 😉


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