On Reality Shows

So, click on any tv channel these days, and in all likelihood you will find a reality show that is currently on, has just finished, or is scheduled to start shortly. Whats the deal with reality shows anyways? Especially Big Brother ?  I could only bear to watch the first South Africa series, while it was still a novelty, before i went off the concept completely. I believe its big in the UK though.

If one has to analyse our fascination with these shows and their various themes (beauty / house makeovers, singing / dancing / acting contests, romance. adventure, corporate dramas (remember the Trump and his HAIR?), it clearly is all about escapism. It surely can’t be about intelligent engagement with the subject matter…and maybe at best its about picking up some tips on how to survive the ruthless world that we live in…corporate reality shows and the survivor series, are particularly useful for that sort of thing.

I have to concede though…I am somewhat hooked on reality music shows, especially SA RE GA MA PA…mostly because I enjoy Indian Music, and I wish I could sing like Lata ji. But never mind, if I was not blessed with melodious vocal chords, I can still appreciate good music. So I won’t diss the concept of reality shows entirely…. but watching some folk, stuck in a tank with really slimy slippery thingamajigs (as in Fear Factor), is not my idea of fun viewing.

Oh well, to each their own.


4 Responses to On Reality Shows

  1. KiLLa says:

    SA RE GA MA is the shit..

    Dont think i missed am episode the last 2 seasons.. Joys of PVR…

    ASMA is amn hilarious.. Dont u think

  2. charouchick says:

    @ killa…am not sure if you mean that you are actually a fan of SAREGAMAPA ? About Asma, I think she is a sweet but very innocent girl, and everyone makes fun of her (in a very cruel way), because of it. All she wants to do is sing, but is not familiar with the ways of the world, and is very trusting. This weekend’s episode, where many of the other contestants went for her, showed how ruthless the reality show space can be. I support her because she perseveres regardless of everyone making fiun of her. That takes guts…

  3. KiLLa says:

    LoL.. Fan is an undertsatatement. I like download clips from youtube and stuff.. I think its an awesome talent show.

    Yes the weekends show portrayed the evil side of many of the contestants.. She is sweet, polite and very direct. I agree the ruthlessness of the outside world has phased her and she was on the unfortunate side of a barrage of verbal use. Who cares..

    I think she’s kewl and her flimsy hindi is awesome.

  4. Sourav Roy says:

    I recently came across a girl, 11 years old, who loves watching Roadies! I’m seriously horrified about her future! Is this what we want our kids to learn? Recently 19-year-old girl, Krushnaa Patil, from Pune conquered Mt. Everest. Now, that’s something I call adventure, not cursing each other, dropping your fancy pants and eating grasshoppers! If that’s reality, let me live in my dreams!
    Visit- http://souravroy.com/

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