On Loss

I recieved some very sad news today. A very dear friend of mine, who was also my lecturer and a mentor, when I was an undergraduate student passed away this week. He was so young, only 55.

He was my philosophy lecturer and someone who shaped so much of my worldview, that I can’t imagine that he is actually gone. I had intended to contact him, as soon as my doctorate was done, and give him the good news, but now I won’t be able to.

Life just doesn’t make sense sometimes ! Hamba Kahle Ben, may you rest in peace.


3 Responses to On Loss

  1. KiLLa says:

    I dont think i would be able to handle loss. No one close and dear to me has passed yet, and i dont know how i would react.

    I think about death constatntly, and always ask, have i done enough to please my Creator if I were to die tomorow.. And its always never enough.

    As for the lecturer. May he Rest In Peace

  2. shafinaaz says:

    hey lady,

    sorry to hear this…
    chat soon

    beeg hug!


  3. charouchick says:

    hey guys….thanks for kind thoughts…. Ben was really instrumental in making me who I am intellectually,,,, will miss him dreadfully

    @ killa….death is not a pleasant aspect of life, but it happens to all of us ….sadly

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