My Love Affair ….. with words

So I have recently been engaging in some deeper reflection about who / what it is that REALLY “completes” me, and gives me a total ‘high’. And …halleluja (no disrespect to Christian folk whatsoever)… its liberating to realise that it’s not a fella (although one or two have come close), not even lindt chocolate pancake / brownies (comes damn close though), nor is it driving the stunning Audi A4, at breakneck speed  (hmm …. let me rethink that one).

You guessed it. ( its like in the blog title : ).

Words. Words have always been part of my world, as long as I can remember..and probably before I was born …through my dad…who was really articulate and prolific as an author. Words are the way in which I let the world know how i feel, what I’m thinking, and what I believe in. And words are the things that give me comfort when someone I love breaks my heart, or when I am angry, sad, and most especially when I am happy.

When I read a profound piece of writing there really is nothing more fulfilling, more beautiful and more enjoyable. And I have been blessed to have the luxury of words flow through every aspect of my life, in different languages and in different spaces.

Words. They will never let you down.


3 Responses to My Love Affair ….. with words

  1. shafinaaz says:

    hmmm… i understand this love affair… with words.. yes!
    thats why your office feels so warm and comfy, its the sunshine of your goodness and the wonder of all those books 😛

  2. charouchick says:

    yeah…nothing like the embrace of a warm fuzzy tale to make one feel loved…. thanx sweets for the great note !

  3. qk says:

    i agree – i would choose a good book over bad company every single time.

    am delighted to have stumbled upon your blog, seeing as how i read your academic writings during my Politics 3 course!

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