Should I…Shouldn’t I … ?

So sometimes, I have these moments, where I think about whether I’ve done something I shouldn’t have. Hmmm….actually have lots of those moments, come to think of it. Trouble is, I have a tendency to act with my emotions, gut instinct, sixth sense, etc. Gotta go with what feels true at that moment.

But sometimes, in retrospect, perhaps ones’ gut instinct and being true to oneself can get one into trouble… although it was what felt right at that precise moment. Anyways, as I get older, I’ve realised I don’t feel too much guilt about things I’ve said or done anymore…angst…yes, maybe, guilt….no. Is there a difference ? Hmmm…

Perhaps though the classic saying about discretion should be modified to “discretion is the better part of being true to oneself”. What do you think ?


2 Responses to Should I…Shouldn’t I … ?

  1. shafinaaz says:

    My sentiments.. you know, this piece feels like Iv written it, cos of the stream of thinking im on at the moment… like sometimes discretion evades us and then words that are barely meant for conversation that u may have shared in an arb setting come tumbling back in twisted ways to knock you over…

    Ppl make bigger deals of stuff than the value of things…
    and it takes a lot to feel safe with a person enough to really trust them with some aspects of your reality.. of course theres always the flip side of these wierd experiences, and that is, not havin to hold back and being totally free with a select few ppl who will always prove themselves to be a wonderful haven of authentic friendship, time and again šŸ™‚

    relationships are evoliutionary in so many ways, some decay to nothingness…and some grow in tandum to the growth they encourage inside of you…

  2. charouchick says:

    @ shafs… i guess we all feel like this at some point… doubt, maybe even regret…. but hey…. betta to have been “true to oneself” than have been a coward …no ? So what if you made a fool of yourself… its all about perspective….

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