Silence. It is meant by its very nature to be ‘nothing’, not words, not sound, not expressed emotions like crying or laughter, nothing at all. Yet it is something. Because, sometimes when we say nothing or do nothing, we say everything.

Why does silence hold such power ? Is it because it holds the promise, the potential for something, either to be said, done, seen, heard, felt, known, experienced? Or is it because we prefer it, because it commits us to nothing, no responsility, no accountability, no emotion?

Silence. It is nothing, yet it is everything.


13 Responses to Silences

  1. shafs says:

    this is some powerful commentary, lady..

    i hear u wen u say, its about alleviating some sort of responsibility, accountability… but then, truly, its also a choice not to impose a range of judgments onto someone else… at some point it is a choice… to act or not to act. an invitation to act. or to remain seemingly oblivious and unaffected. to allow others to reflect on their own choices and experiences. sometimes love is letting people carve their own route without impressing upon them what you think is the right way. i dnt know. these are just some of my own confused ramblings anyway 😛

    but i love when you blog these high powered notes. small in wordcount but oh so loud and clear!

  2. shafs says:

    silences hurt. silences heal. quietness is a peace and a freedom. especially when u dnt feel safe to share your thoughts cos they might get trampled on, shredded to bits, leaving you emptier than when u first started…reflection should be just that. like looking into a clear pond and seeing only your own eyes twinkling back at you. to know yourself is to know God.

    i shud blog a post 🙂

  3. MJ Khan says:

    digging the new template

  4. charouchick says:

    @ shafs… thanks hunnee… short and sweet is the best way… i think

    @ junaid … its blooooo …… i like bloooo (i think it was a line from kabhi alvida na kehna : )

  5. shafinaaz says:

    taste at your own risk???

  6. MJ Khan says:

    fuck i hated that movie

  7. charouchick says:

    @shafs… well if its too pungent, have a glass of water handy… if its too bland, bring your salt and pepper with : )

    @ jun…. well kank did have some highs I thought, but srk, doesn’t do infidelity too well… like the songs tho.

  8. shafs says:

    yea…. he kinda makes the infidelity look like it was meant to happen…

  9. SK says:

    ‘In restless dreams I walked alone
    Narrow streets of cobblestone
    ‘Neath the halo of a street lamp
    I turn my collar to the cold and damp
    When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
    That split the night
    And touched the sound of silence’

    a gem oldie.. dunno if u r familiar =D
    here my chords r wildly tickled!

  10. charouchick says:

    @ sk, fab poem, thanks for sharing, the flash of light splitting the night is a powerful image… who is the author ?

    @ shafs…. gonna say more @ fabfiction site….

  11. “Silence. It is nothing, yet it is everything.”


  12. SK says:

    it’s a song by Bob Dylan and Paul Simon 🙂
    and you are welcome

  13. M. M. says:

    Silence. It is nothing, yet it is everything.


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