On Hibernation …..

I have been in hibernation for the last few weeks. It sort of happened, without any real intention, but it was good. It wasn’t quite like bears do it, where they go to sleep for a whole couple of months, and then wake up… but sleeping was a good part of it.

I have during this quiet period, submitted my doctoral thesis as well as come to a few conclusions about many things. I will share some of these conclusions in blogs to come.  For now, I want to reflect on just one.

It has occured to me, that quiet periods in ones life, where one just withdraws from the world, are just as important, as being fully involved in all there is on offer. In a previous blog, I wrote about silences, but quietness is not quite silence. It is simply a process of inner reflection, aquiring clarity and developing a broader perspective on life.

It is something that we should all do at some point, and preferably on more than one occasion. Of course, there is always the inevitable return to the rat race, but hopefully, one is better prepared to negotiate it. I am now going to test this theory.


5 Responses to On Hibernation …..

  1. shafs says:

    welcome back to the rat race. some rats fell for the cheese and died. some got used to the poision and mutated 😛 it tastes better with tobasco 😉 anyway, HELLO SUMMER!

  2. SK says:

    Hibernating animals can to lower their body temperature to 2° C and their heart rate to 2 beats per minute, while reducing their intake of oxygen to 1/50 of their waking levels. So it takes what for us? an impossible possibility?
    i wish we could have this sort of recharge!
    bravo mate!

  3. Seher K. says:

    i thought i left a comment here about how great it would be if we could put the level of our temperatures down and then go in to deep sleep, to be awakened by a kiss of dawn one day and feel alive and worth it!
    hmmmmmmmmm… silences are healing.. they come in a loud noise and then settle down quitely and mutedly helping the fragments of us rejoin and make merry!

  4. charouchick says:

    @ seher… thank you for your comments… yeah, hibernation is perhaps the ideal way of recharging for humans… but i guess we aint bears…. and oh that dawn would be fabulous, after such a long wait…. sigh, if only.

    @ shafs…. hey, that rat poison…. can be a useful thing i tell you … : ) Comes in handy sometimes !

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