When words dry up

Sometimes words like tears dry up, and one is left looking at a blank space, willing the blackness of characters, symbols and squiggles to appear, but they don’t. There is no real reason why this happens, it just does occasionally. And even if the black symbols do appear, they are not quite what one had hoped for. This is the space that I have been inhabiting for a while. Its not quite writers block, nor is it an inability to say what I want to say.  Perhaps one can describe it more like a retreat from the busy – ness of the written world, inhabited by spell checks, editing tools and peer reviews.

It is not the case that I have not been writing, but it has been a somewhat dislocated and fragmented chiselling of words, that have often produced unfinished and incomplete chunks of roughly sculpted material.

But heres to rediscovering a beautiful piece of artwork hiding within something not quite yet finished.


7 Responses to When words dry up

  1. shafs says:

    welcome back :))))))))

  2. charouchick says:

    yeah its good to be back online…. hope i can sustain the momentum : )

  3. MJ Khan says:

    This is awesome. I wish I wrote it!

  4. organharvester says:

    writing is anything else, when the mood grabs you, you can scale mountains in seconds and when the plug is out, simple things like breathing become tedious. I find music helps, or reading through arb bits of old writing get the juices flowing in the right direction. Emotion plays a huge role.

    Writing is a feeling.

    The OH

  5. shafs says:

    OH: this is the side that listens to that JB dude right? 😛

    psst: im coming to durbs next week 😉

  6. charouchick says:

    hey all,

    fab comments

    @ Jun… hey you write awesome stuff all da time… let the rest of us have a go occasionally… she says modestly : )

    @ OH …Yep, writing comes from that deep inner part of one where its either there or not… gotta go wid da flow…

    @ Shafs…. look forward to welcoming you back to the east coast…

  7. sue-me says:

    definitely good to have you back…thanks for caring enuf to share:)

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