Suffering from BAD…and other afflictions

So a colleague and I came up with a new mental illness today… well actually she takes most of the credit. Given that we have to deal with some hectic characters at the university on a daily basis, we decided to give  this pathological behaviour a name. Its called BAD or Borderline Academic Disorder. I’m working on putting together a list of symptoms that go with it. But in the interim… heres a list of other (make believe) illnesses, with somewhat cool acronyms. Feel free to add on.

MOM – Mammary Obsessive Madness

RAT – Rubbish Attachment Tendency

FAT – Figure Analysis Trauma

SWAT – Sex With Attitude Temperament

Ok, I better stop before this list degenerates any further.


4 Responses to Suffering from BAD…and other afflictions

  1. shafs says:

    lol… ok even LOL can be made to mean many many things 😛

    i will hav to come back to wring my mind of some of these 😉 mwah! itwas sO awesome seeing you this past week! lotsa hugs to u, lady CC

  2. charouchick says:

    hey hey

    great to see you too sweets… as for LOL, don’t get me started.

  3. MJ Khan says:

    SABR – Stop and be rational.

    ok , so maybe thats not a medical disease but i wanted to stop by and say hi 🙂 Maybe i can flesh this out into a blog

  4. charouchick says:

    hey Jun…. look forward to the blog…. love the SABR one though…nice one for the ulema to think about,… here’s another spin on it… Sentimental and Bloody Romantic…. that could qualify as a disease, where patience is required…. no ? Ok, its late, and clearly my mental faculties have ceased to function : )

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