soccah feeva

So I haven’t written for a while. Been busy. Doing what you may ask. Oh this and that.

But mostly have been mobilising against the takeover of South Africa by FEEFA. Don’t get me wrong though. Love the game of soccah….it truly is beautiful. Its just that the SA government has sold over much of the country to this organisation, that is going to walk away with the moolah at the end of this tournament. But never mind that I guess. What really matters is this thing called Ayoba… can you feel it ?

Looking at the faces of the folk  attending the matches at the multi-billion rand stadiums…they sure do…and i guess HEAR it too. Socca feeva is here…


One Response to soccah feeva

  1. soccer,soccer and more soccer.when the controlling body mixes nation building with getting us all hyped up about a soccer tourney-without addressing or paying scant regard to our development needs,then they are scumbags,as well as leading south africans that buy into that notion.

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