Kuch Kuch (Nahin) Hota Hai …(Something… doesn’t Happen)

October 1, 2008

I’ve always thought that the Urdu / Hindi language is perhaps the best language in which to express thoughts on and expressions of love, and in honour of this, have thought up some brief one liners (most being inspired by Hindi Film titles) to reflect the somewhat *melancholic* aspects of love. Bollywood film watchers will perhaps enjoy this…please feel free to add…

Hum aur tum se… hum hogaye (From you and me, its now just me)

Jab Hum Mile Thein aur phir bichargey (When we met… and then split up)

Kuch Kaho Na …Khuda ke liye (Please say something…for God’s sake!)

Kal tho zaroor ayega… sirf thum na hogey (Tomorrow will definitely come….only you won’t be around)

Main tho hoon, lekin thum tho kahi aur ho (I am here but you seem to be elsewhere)



October 1, 2008

So we’ve all been through it, that feeling of lightheadedness, butterflies in ones tummy, sweaty palms, shortness of breath, and the view from where we are standing. No, I’m not talking about bungee jumping off Niagra Falls, but that thing that most of us do far more easily….falling in love. Yeah thats probably the one kind of falling we are most familiar with, well apart from the falling markets that is (more common in this day and age : ). And when a few days / weeks / months / years down the line, our fall is broken only by the reality of heartbreak, we wonder why we never had our safety harnesses on,  or why we even stepped off the ledge in the first place?

Yeah its great to fall in love, its not so great however to deal with all its raw ugliness, the tears, the doubts, the suspicions, the insecurities, and the realisation that the person that one loves is flawed, in so many ways, and that perhaps they sometimes don’t even deserve our love.

So why do we it so easily, and often without thinking ? And how do we try to not do it in future ? Hmmm that is the sixty four thousand dollar question. If someone has some clear answers, please let me know.