October 13, 2008

Is ehsaas ka
main kya karoon
jo har pal mujhe
tumhari yaad
delaati rahti hain

Us khoobsurat khaab ka
main kya karoon
jo tere nazron ne
mujhe dekhayi hain

Un haseen lamho ka
main kya karoon
jo mere dil ki
dharkan se jur gayi hain

In faaslon ka
main kya karoon
jo saat samundar ke thara
hamare beech kayim hogayi hain

Ab intezaar ke seva
main kya karoon
agar kayanaat ne
mere dil ki pukaar
ko sunli
tho umeed hain
ke phir ek baar
tere nazron se
mulaqaat hogi

Lekin hayi, is ehsaas ka
main kya karoon….


Feelings / Realisation
What do I do
about this feeling
that reminds me of you
every moment, every day

What do I do about
that beautiful dream
that your piercing gaze
has shown me

What do I do about
those amazing memories
that have become
part of my every hearbeat

What do I do about
this distance between us
that has become like
the seven seas
pushing you even further away

Apart from waiting,
what else can I do,
if the the universe
hears the call of my heart
then my hope is that
my gaze will meet yours once again

But Oh, what do I do
about this feeling

Copyright : Lubna Nadvi


You Will Never Know

October 13, 2008

You will never know
of the moment I dared to dream
the thought of you floated
through the labyrinths of my tortured soul
and the mirrors of my mind shattered
and images performed their ghostly dance
between the splintered shards

You will never know of all this and more
because you are content in your world
you will never know what lies beyond
not because this love is impossible
but because you chose another path

You will never walk beside me
not because we are generations apart
but because you belong somewhere else
Our encounter is momentary, surreal even
the myriad of emotions I might have explored
have been relegated to my Pandora’s box
a thought crosses my mind
it could have been, but then there is
oh so much you will never know

Copyright ©2008 LubnaNadvi

Your words

October 13, 2008

Your words are like
freshly falling snowflakes
gently swaying towards me
resting delicately on my cheeks
playing with my eyelashes
and caressing my soul

Your thoughts remind me
of massive sand dunes
towering above me
ochre and magnificent
swirling about in gusty winds
taking my breath away

Your smile feels like
a warm summers day
yellow and glinting brightly
chasing away dark clouds
and lulling me into peaceful slumber

You are like
all of natures wonders
wrapped up in comforting arms
broad shoulders and a beautiful voice
compelling me to fall in love.

Copyright : Lubna Nadvi

Yeh Dard – e – Dil

October 3, 2008

Yeh Dard – e – dil


Aap hain woh manzil

joh mere dil ko

awaaz deti hain


Aap hain woh nazm

joh mere ruh mein

ek madhoor dhun ke tara sajti hain


Aap ne woh khoobsoorat

dard di hain

jo har aashiq

mehsoos karne ke liye

betaab hota hain


Aap ke pyaar ne

mere dil ki dharkan ko

shayeri ka anjaam di hain


Ab ye dard e dil ka elaaj

Sirf aaphi ke paas hai



This heartache


You are that journey’s end

That calls out

To my heart


You are that poem

Which adorns my soul

Like a melodious tune


You have given me

That exquisite pain

Which makes every lover

Restless with expectation


Your love has

given my heartbeat

poetic expression


In the end, you are the only one

who possesses the cure for this heartache


Copyright : Lubna Nadvi