New York : The Film

December 30, 2009

So I finally watched New York on DVD this week. Parts of it were very painful to watch, especially the bit where Sam gets tortured while in detention, and having researched waterboarding etc, as part of my doctoral research, it was a sobering visual experience. One can say a lot about this movie but the most memorable bit is about Maya (Sam’s wife) wanting to reform him, and living in hope that he will somehow change his ways. But there was no going back for Sam. I can understand that. The kind of humiliation that many Muslim men were and are subjected to, because of their religion or the colour of their skin, is something that can drive any sane person to want to hit back.

The movie ends with a statement referring to President Obama having signed a document in January 2009, which aims to close down Guantanamo as soon as possible.

Err, one year later, its still open. And he got a Nobel award ? Huh? I’m thinking that there are many Sam’s still out there in the making.

So who is really responsible for terrorism in the end ? Any answers ?